Obligatory: minimal standard for any product in market, in agreement with low tension regulation. It assures that the product expires with security essential requirements established in by directive regulation

  • Certificate of conformity CE : document emitted by the own company in which this one guarantees the security requirements product conformity.
  • Marked with the symbol CE : on the product or packing.

Volunteer: certificates of all our products generated by the quality department of our company.

Volunteer: additional brands of quality N and NF is granted by organism of recognized prestige like AENOR or AFNOR, and they assure that the product is expired with the requirements of the standard, verified with tests in independent laboratories and audits in factory to checking the production methods.

  • AENOR certificated for product
    Conduits systems for electrical installations.
    Compling cylindrical bars of steel-copper.

    Grounding electrodes for low voltage electrical installations of buildings

    030/002092   030/002161
  • ISO-9001 certificated for company
    SGI 3198357/B
  • NF certificated for product
    Conduits systems for electrical installations