Insulated Rigid Conduit System

The Rigid PVC and Halogen Free Conduits system is installed in:

  • Electrical Installations likely to be driven and externally supported to walls.

  • Where should prevent flame propagation.

  • APPLIED FOR INTERIOR ( Outdoor it loses mechanical properties ).

Industries or sectors where we can find it are:

  • Industrial : Interiors of factories, office areas or industrial services ...

  • Tertiary: Indoor and private areas Stores, Private Buildings , ...

  • Housing: Pipes parking roofs , stairs, no noble areas , ...

  • Infrastructure: Dependencies interior tunnels, roads, ports and installations on the roofs of their parking ...

PVC Armet Conduit
Tubo Armet PVC

PVC Armat Coupling
Manguito Armet PVC

PVC Armet Elbow
Codo Armet PVC

PVC Armet Flexible Bend
Curva Flexible Armet PVC

PVC Rigid Armet Bend
Curva Rigida Armet PVC

TE Armet PVC
TE Armet PVC

Armet Halogen Free Flex Bend
Curva Flexible Libre de Halógenos Armet

Armet Halogens Free Coupling
Manguito Libre de Halógenos Armet

Armet Halogens Free Rigid Bend
Curva Rígida Libre de Halógenos Armet

Armet Halogen Free Conduit
Tubo Libre de Halógenos Armet