Napoleón Armengol S.L. began its activities as a family business in the centre of Barcelona in 1960. Today, the plant and head offices are located in Polinyà, in the province of Barcelona where we manufacture and market safety products for electrical installations, telecommunications installations and railways.

Our product range includes different sizes of steel conduits, as well as the necessary accessories and grounding materials that ensure safe electrical installations based on total quality control and current regulations.

We are in constant evolution, responsive to technical innovation and to improving our production processes in order to obtain maximum quality and safety.


To design, make and supply the professionals of the electrical and telecommunications sectors with innovative and specialized products providing a safety bonus and assisting them in the definition and execution of their projects, doing so by using base materials of high added value.


To distinguish ourselves as a company that provides innovative solutions to the professionals of electrical sector, with a competent and motivated workforce and with a great learning capacity for listening and channelling the needs of our customers in order to develop new products and extending our service capacity.


  • Efficiency : capacity to get the best results with the available resources.
  • Customer orientation : to give a service focused to improving the solutions to the needs of our customers.
  • Innovation : orientated in progressing and extending our portfolio of products. Generation of new ideas is everyone's task enriched by the diversity of experiences and capacities.
  • Quality : in every process of all departments within our company.
  • Company's ethic : supports our company's relations with all publics and methodology of work.
  • Communication : Constant and effective, between all the company's workforce, and with our customers and suppliers.
  • Commitment : with our clients, by offering them quality services; with society, by offering stability to our staff's families and with the environment, by respecting and fulfilling all regulations for its care.