Services sector

This sector includes places of public concurrence as hospitals, trades, offices of certain size, bars, restaurants, churches, stadiums or discotheques.

Our products are focused on the protection of the electrical installation in car parks, public areas, airports, railway stations and security systems circuits.

Recommendations of use in the garages:

Electrical Circuits:
  • On roofs, when the height of the garage is less than 2,5 meters, the installation is accessible and exposed to vandalism and mechanical impacts.
    It's recommended: Ros or Armet conduit, metallic junction box.
  • For carbon monoxide detection systems ( CO ). Obligatory in the most part of the garages.
    It's recommended: Ros conduit, metallic junction box.
  • In security system circuits.
    It's recommended: Ros conduit.
  • On Security Systems Ros conduit is recommended because of its greater strenght.

Recommendations of use in the Interior:

Electrical Circuits:
  • To protect the electrical installation in corridors and common zones where it´s possible vandalism.
    It's recommended: Ros conduit.
  • Armengol's steel conduits have a high decorative value, where an industrial or rustic esthetic is required (lofts, castles, rural buildings).
    It's recommended: Armet conduit.
  • In emergency and security systems.
    It's recommended: Ros conduit.

Recommendations of Outdoors use:

Electrical Circuits:
  • To protect the electrical installation in external areas from ultraviolet rays or vandalism, for example lighting or luminous posters.
    It's recommended: Ros conduit hot dip galvanized.

Grounding material:

  • In every pillar base, It's recommended grounding rods with 100µ and length (1,5m or 2m) in accordance with resistance of the terrain.
  • It's recommended in places that could be frozen or suffer drought, where is reduced the surface terrain conductivity.
  • The clamps are recommended to be installed in registrable elements to have easy accessibility.