Catalonia is committed to domestic charging points for electric cars

At the important event Expoelectric, the Minister of Business and Knowledge, Àngels Chacón, announced, in the opening speech of this important event on electric vehicles and renewable energies, that the Government will invest eight million euros to install domestic charging points for electric cars, in order to promote electric mobility. It will be a network of charging points for domestic use and will begin to be managed when the deployment of the network of fast charging points is completed (which allows the user to charge their electric car while traveling), which have been installed by the entire Catalan territory. Chacón explained the importance of betting on clean mobility and said that the promotion of renewable energies, the democratization of energy and energy efficiency are the three pillars of the energy policy carried out by the Government of Catalonia.

55 exhibitors related to the sector participated in the ninth edition of Expoelectric, to present new developments and proposals that allow us to move towards more sustainable mobility and vehicles, through the use of electric mobility.

The importance of electric mobility

Minister Chacón also claimed public-private and also “trans-institutional” collaboration between administrations, so that the electric mobility objectives are possible and more sustainable and safe mobility is obtained for all. In recent years, the Government of Catalonia has invested 2.5 million euros in rapid recharging points, which will be accessible to all drivers traveling through Catalan territory and who need an energy refueling point every 30 km, according to what it states. Counselor Chacón.

The director of Expoelectric, Ramon Caus, stated that the electric vehicle no longer represents an element of the future, but rather it is about the present and also emphasized the variety of the offer that can be found in this sector, so that users They can decide on the option or model that best suits their needs or lifestyle. He also said that there are multiple options to bet on sustainable mobility and it not only involves buying an electric car, but can also be enjoyed through the use of the electric scooter as a sustainable and efficient means of transportation, to make urban journeys.

Rosa Alarcón, the Councilor for Mobility of Barcelona City Council, has praised the work that both private actors and administrations have done jointly to promote measures to reduce pollution in cities in order to improve the health of the air and , consequently, the health of the inhabitants and the planet.

Xesco Gomar, the delegate president of Climate Action in the Barcelona Provincial Council, has pointed out that it is essential to have citizen awareness and political action to fight against climate change.

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