How has the coronavirus affected the industry?

The coronavirus has become not only the most feared virus for the population, but it has also become the greatest fear for the industry. Covid-19 is generating a small-scale economic crisis that is paralyzing investors, companies and influencers, triggering serious consequences for the global economy.

During the month of February, the coronavirus crisis caused a very large decline in the manufacturing industry, comparable to the financial crisis of 2008. And this continues to increase, since the media are filling their news spaces talking about the symptoms, causes and consequences of this virus and continuously warn of the affected cases and fatalities that have occurred throughout the world.

Fear paralyzes and that is what has happened with the arrival of this virus, with which there have been factory closures in China that have affected large distribution chains worldwide and which has increased a large loss of production worldwide. global. In addition, many people have decided not to travel or not participate in conferences as important as the Mobile World Congress, soccer matches have been held behind closed doors, they have opted for teleworking, wearing masks, avoiding direct contact with their hands. at official meetings, etc. Even if it seems like it is something similar to an epidemic, we must be well informed and remain calm, taking appropriate precautions without fearing more than necessary.

Important conferences postponed

The coronavirus has become a health problem but also an economic problem, and at a global level, causing large companies and industries to fight and deal day after day with the specter of shortages.

In Spain, large and well-known firms are announcing the closure of some of their plants and employees going home, to avoid contagion and betting on teleworking, as is the case of Indra.  

Congresses as important as the Mobile World Congress and the Food Fair have been postponed to be held when everything has passed, since if they are held now, many of the participants will not attend for fear of the coronavirus and this would represent great economic losses.

In a few months it is likely that everything will return to normal, but for now industries will have to fight against this strong giant until the storm has passed and social and economic calm returns again.

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