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How is the electrical pipe used in public places?

It is important to select well the electric pipe and trust in a company specialized in the sale of specialized and security products, as you will find at Napoleón Armengol. The key factor is to opt for a correct professional installation, which in addition to avoiding unnecessary maintenance tasks and operational and administrative expenses, will also avoid exposing you to risks and dangers.

What should be taken into account to select the appropriate electrical pipe?

  • The vibrations that may exist at the installation site
  • The flow of people
  • The humidity that exists in the environment
  • The number of cables that the electric pipe
  • Type of installation made of the pipe; In earthenware, underground or on walls

Channeling is very important in the installation of a electric pipe and it is the one that will be in charge of transporting and also protecting the electrical network cables, among which we can find a PVC pipe, a galvanized pipe... It is important that the different cables are housed in the appropriate way, having a low occupancy percentage and that offers mechanical protection to the area in which the installation of the electric pipe.

Tips on conduits and electrical piping

  • It is important that the diameter of the tubes is correct, so that the conductors can be easily inserted and removed.
  • In the case of embedded pipes, the electric pipe can be curved, straight or flexible
  • Regarding underground conditions, it is important that the pipes be buried
  • There are also aerial pipelines, which are used to power machinery or elements that have reduced mobility and the tubes have to be flexible.
  • The path of the pipes must follow the vertical and horizontal lines and parallel to the edges that form the walls of the premises.
  • The union of the tubes must be made with accessories of the same protection class or higher to avoid weak points.
  • In those metal tubes that do not have interior insulation, the possibility of water condensation generating inside must be taken into account. A correct installation path must be chosen to allow evacuation and ventilation of the interior of the tubes, with an appropriate system.
  • To minimize the effect of heat emitted by external sources, such as appliances or lighting, the pipes must be protected using various procedures that must always be carried out by authorized personnel.

Discover everything you need from the electric pipe in Napoleon Armengol. As specialists, we can advise you on the purchase of specialized, safe and professional products such as rigid tube.

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