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Particularities of electrical PVC pipe

The electrical PVC pipe It has specific characteristics and is that it is electro-insulating, that is, it serves to protect against the electricity carried by cables in all types of electrical installation.

They can be used for surface use or for recessed installation. Flexible PVC pipes are those that are commonly used for embedded indoor installations. They can be found in various thicknesses, to put the number of cables with the most appropriate section for each case and it is a material that presents a good electrical insulator, with very light weight and without rusting.

The electrical PVC pipe It is ideal for those electrical installations embedded in ceilings and walls, to transport the wiring from the electrical junction boxes and to the mechanism boxes and lamps. Its use is recommended for temperatures between -5 and 60 degrees, for safe installation.


Electrical PVC pipe, for domestic and commercial installations

These PVC pipes are electro-insulating and are used to protect the wiring, so that the installation is safer, because they combat the electricity of the cables and can be used in domestic and commercial installations. This type of installation has a rigid tube that is very resistant to both chemicals and other types of external agents, making it a very durable option.

PVC pipes are easy to handle and cut, making installation easier. electrical PVC pipe. Rigid PVC tubes for electrical wiring are very useful in installations, both indoors and outdoors, that want to be done without work, on ceiling and wall surfaces. All mechanisms, electrical boxes, sockets and switches that are placed on the outdoor surface come prepared for this rigid tube.

They have excellent behavior when it comes to impact or crushing, making them one of the safest options on the market. Thanks to the resistance of the electrical PVC pipe, the wiring will be fully protected for many years.

They are very durable and if the appropriate accessories are used, you can complete any type of electrical installation, as long as the tube is suitable and has the appropriate thickness, taking into account the section of cables that you are going to introduce.

PVC pipes are electrical insulators and do not rust, so they also resist humidity and water. Electrical PVC pipe also combats both high and low temperatures perfectly.

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