Features of polyamide flexible tube system in industrial applications

Efficient and fast assembly

The flexible tube systems, together with its mounting and fixing accessories, constitute a fundamental piece in industrial environments, efficiently connecting stationary machines with mobile control panels, as well as robotic and automated devices in constant movement.


These systems, recognized for their flexible and removable nature, stand out for their versatility and are especially adapted to dynamic environments where agility in connection is essential. A distinctive feature of these systems is their ease and speed of assembly, making them a frequent choice in wiring installations that do not require significant mechanical strength. Sectors where the priority falls on an agile and simple installation, over extreme levels of protection, find an efficient solution in these systems.


Versatility in industrial applications

The inherent flexibility of flexible tube systems allows its application in a wide variety of industrial environments. From connecting static machinery with mobile control units to integrating with robotic systems in constant motion, these systems play a crucial role in optimizing industrial processes.

Polyamide 6 flexible tube system

In the universe of flexible tube systems, highlights the model made of polyamide 6. This material, resistant to ultraviolet light (UV), demonstrates its ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures, offering effective protection against the penetration of external agents. The flammability classification of these tubes is adjusted to different levels, following the UL 94 standard, thus providing detailed information on their combustion characteristics.

Flammability classification according to UL 94 standard

Safety is a primary aspect in industrial environments. The flammability classification of flexible polyamide 6 tubes is divided into different levels, and the UL 94 standard establishes specific criteria for evaluating combustion characteristics.

The flexible tube systems, and in particular those manufactured with polyamide 6, represent a technical and versatile solution for dynamic industrial environments. Their ability to adapt to various operating conditions, their rapid installation and their resistance to external agents make these systems an efficient choice to optimize connectivity in industrial applications where flexibility and agility are imperative. Careful consideration of flammability classification provides a solid framework to ensure safety in these critical environments.

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