Polyamide and nickel-plated brass cable glands in wiring systems: Discover the best cutting-edge systems for electrical installations

Sealing and protection

In the dynamic world of electrical installations and wiring systems, the choice of essential components such as cable gland plays a crucial role. These devices, designed to allow controlled access of cables to control and branch points, stand as guardians of the integrity of the system, ensuring an outstanding level of protection and tightness, measured up to IP68 according to IEC 60529 regulations.

In line with the most rigorous standards, our range of cable gland complies with the requirements established by the UNE-EN 62444 standard for cable glands in electrical installations. This conformity guarantees not only the quality but also the safety of the electrical installations where they are implemented.

Ease of installation and universal compatibility

One of the distinctive features of our cable gland is its ease of assembly and installation, which considerably simplifies the process for professionals. Furthermore, their wide compatibility with most junction boxes, control units and distribution elements available on the market makes them a versatile choice.

Polyamide cable glands:

The polyamide variant stands out for its resistance to ultraviolet light (UV), allowing its service in a wide range of temperatures. This material presents a solid degree of protection against the penetration of external agents, thus providing a reliable defense for cabling systems. Their versatility and adaptability make these cable gland are suitable for a variety of environments.

Nickel-plated brass cable glands:

The metal range of cable gland It shares the virtues of its polyamide counterparts, with the additional benefit of a considerable improvement in the mechanical resistance of the assembly. Maintaining solid corrosion resistance, these cable glands are ideal for challenging industrial environments. The bright nickel-plated finish not only provides an aesthetic touch, but also allows it to be harmoniously integrated into stainless steel or electrogalvanized steel installations, without concerns related to corrosion that can commonly occur in industrial environments.

What type of cable gland to choose?

The choice between polyamide and nickel-plated brass cable glands will depend on the specific demands of the environment. While polyamide stands out for its adaptability and resistance to UV light, nickel-plated brass increases mechanical resistance without compromising durability and aesthetics. Both options reflect our commitment to solutions that combine functionality and aesthetic quality in the complex panorama of electrical installations.

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