The government of the current acting president, Pedro Sánchez, had planned for the month of July a drop in unemployment that would place the number of people without work below 3 million, something that has been desired by the population since 2008. Unfortunately , this has not been the case, and the current number exceeds that figure by a few thousand. .

The number of unemployed in the month of July was, specifically, 3,011,433, and had been reduced by 5,175 compared to the previous month. This represents a decrease of 0.17%, the lowest inter-monthly unemployment rate for the month of July in 10 years. This decrease represents 0.14% less than that of the previous month, which is a worrying slowdown (according to data from the Ministry of Work, Migration and Social Security).

This is an alarming fact, since the month of July has always been characterized by being kind to the number of unemployed. The tourist popularity of Spain in summer thanks to its offer of the famous Mediterranean tourism of “sun and beach” used to favor the figures thanks to temporary hiring in sectors such as hospitality and other services where the massive arrival of tourists meant a significant increase in work. . For this reason, since records have been kept, unemployment has decreased this month a total of 20 times, rising only on 3 occasions (2005, 2007 and 2008, the three years in which the crisis was at its peak).

Despite the slowdown suffered, however, the decrease compared to last year encourages us to be optimistic, since since the same month of 2018, the number of unemployed people has decreased by more than 120,000, which means a decrease of 3' 94%.

If we look at the more specific data, we will see that, to date, the female sector of the unemployed population has been the most favored by this decrease, since there have been 2,684 women who have found work this summer compared to 1,569 men, leaving the number of unemployed at 1.79 million women and 1.21 million men. If we look at the age groups, we can see that young people have been, as expected, those who have benefited the most from the golden months of temporary hiring, with more than 90% of those hired being people of the same age or older. at 25 years old.

Thus, despite this slowdown, the data have not deviated too much from the forecasts, giving us lower unemployment than last year despite everything and offering us the perspective of a future with fewer people unemployed.

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